Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mission Statement

As of today, DICKEATERS is live. Here's what's going on:

There are lots of graffiti blogs out there. You see them all over the internets - Labors of love, dedicated to documenting the creativity and beauty of underground "street art." These blogs showcase the work of anonymous artists who risk fines or even incarceration in the name of self-expression. And usually, they're really fucking boring.

This blog was born out of my love for REAL graffiti. You know the kind I mean - The cock-and-balls scrawled next to the open mouth on a cereal ad. The speech or thought bubble with the ribald caption adorning an unsuspecting celeb on a movie poster. The thick, black mustache rendering a once beautiful supermodel ugly and mannish.

These often hilarious, sometimes insightful, nearly always lowbrow etchings represent the true spirit of urban rebellion. They are the voice of the plebeian masses with no other tool with which to rage against the machine of mainstream media. These intrepid warriors, armed with only a Sharpie and a taste for the scatological, take aim against a sea of lies designed to make them feel inferior, and expose the ugliness hidden beneath the surface. You are modern-day folk heroes, and this blog is dedicated to you all.

To join the movement, Submit your finds to Please include your name and, if possible, the date and location where you spotted it. Your contributions are duly appreciated.